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We are everything you need to be successful in the Forex market. 


Titan G27 – A.I. Powered Trading Software

The world’s most advanced A.I. powered trading software

(that actually uses artificial intelligence)!


Titan G27 uses more than 100 different proven trading strategies, so it can

decide which strategy makes the most sense to deploy based on the current market conditions!


Titan G27 trades all the 7 major currencies!


The system was designed to trade the world’s largest economies in such a way that they naturally “hedge” each other. (hedge risk = diversify risk)

When 1 or 2 currencies are “down” there can be several other currencies

that are “up” to keep the portfolio moving in the right direction.


Bank’s Secret Indicator

The Bank’s Secret Indicator shows you exactly when & where the banks are buying and selling currencies, so you can simply mimic them!


If you didn’t know, trading can be extremely competitive.


Especially when your trading against some of the world’s biggest money…



Once you start using the Bank’s Secret Indicator, you’ll have a leading edge


in the markets like the rich guys on Wall Street, trading with the smart money..

(and not against the smart money, like so many people do without

even realizing it) will make all the difference in your manual trading success!


Tax Secrets For Traders

Little known tax strategies to keep your trading profits by reducing your

tax bill.


It’s a short 1 hour training designed to teach you everything you need to know about paying taxes on your trading profits.


This training could easily save you a fortune over the next few years.


Plus if you’re anything like me, and you want nothing to do with taxes…


We’ve also partnered with america’s #1 tax company for traders that will

just do everything for you that you learn in the training!


Millionaire Trader Series

Instantly hack the strategies of 3 different trading geniuses that have

devoted their entire lives to trading.


You’re going to get access to summaries of the three most valuable trading books ever written!


After interviewing several self-made millionaire traders there’s 3 books that

almost every successful trader on the planet has made their bible..


We then filmed 3 short videos to summarize only the most important

elements of each book in under 45 minutes you’ll be able to watch all 3 of

these book summaries and get the knowledge of 3 different trading

geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading!

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  • Pg. 8 How to immediately leave the herd & start trading with the Smart Money
  • Pg. 40 Why the Smart Money preys on traders who use indicators, & the one indicator guaranteed to improve your trading results
  • Pg. 54 Levy Flight Distribution – the secret to unlimited reward & limited risk trading
  • Pg. 67 The 10 components to “Holy Grail” trading systems used by banks
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