Our Products

We are everything you need to be successful in the Forex market. 


Bank’s Secret Indicator

The Bank’s Secret Indicator works on these assumptions… We realize that 95% of retail traders are NET-losers.  


While the “Smart Money” or Bank’s are almost always NET-winners…


So wouldn’t it make sense to trade opposite of the “herd” or losing retail traders?


Of course! It makes total sense… However the challenge is finding the true market sentiment of the “herd” (retail traders).


The Bank’s Secret Indicator pulls in data from hundreds of thousands of retail traders to show you the overall market sentiment. Basically shows you what the “herd” is doing so you can do the opposite!


Titan X Tool

The Titan X Tool is an expert advisor designed to take trades based on the way you input the settings…


Originally the Titan X Tool was developed to help our members get funded up to $100,000 in capital.


There are several “prop firms” or capital firms that reward good traders.


Each of these “prop firms” have their own little challenge, that once you pass, allows you to trade other people’s money and keep up to 70% of the profits.


While the challenge rules vary from firm to firm the idea behind the Titan X tool is the same…


Trade Manager

The Trade Manager is an automated trade management tool. It is an absolute GAME CHANGER for both beginner and experienced traders!


The key to trading isn’t just finding that one magical strategy that will make you rich. (If it was that easy, there would be a lot more rich traders!)


Rather, the BIGGEST difference between the consistently profitable traders and traders who struggle are two main things…


In fact if you don’t have these two things mastered, then you could have the best, most profitable strategy in the world and still struggle..


Millionaire Trader Series

Instantly hack the strategies of 3 different trading geniuses that have

devoted their entire lives to trading.


You’re going to get access to summaries of the three most valuable trading books ever written!


After interviewing several self-made millionaire traders there’s 3 books that

almost every successful trader on the planet has made their bible..


We then filmed 3 short videos to summarize only the most important

elements of each book in under 45 minutes you’ll be able to watch all 3 of

these book summaries and get the knowledge of 3 different trading

geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading!

Edge Trainer Simulator

The Edge Trainer Simulator is our secret to creating winning Forex traders FAST!


The key to getting good at anything is repetition. Repetition is the mother of all skill.


The Edge Trainer Simulator allows you to condense decades worth of trading experience into days.


Or even condense YEARS worth of trading experience into just a few hours!


It’s kinda like a gym for Forex traders… Just like how professional athletes train daily, professional Forex traders should be training daily as well.