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Discover the little known edge trading secret that could help you make a fortune in 2020! 

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Master the Highest Paying Skill In the World…Trading!

This academy was designed by professional traders to help you master the highest paying skill in the world…trading!

 No matter if you’ve never taken a trade in your life, and don’t even know what trading is, this academy will walk you through everything A-Z.

25 Video Modules

Short & Simple Videos To Help You Master Forex Trading

Mini Quizzes

Specifically Designed To Help Gauge Your Understanding

Cheat Sheets

Done For You Shortcuts To Forex Trading Success


We’ve made trading so simple a 3rd grader can understand it!

Instead of wasting years of your life trying to learn all the free stuff on YouTube, these short, yet thorough trainings will teach you everything you need to know to start trading effectively. After completing this course, you’ll have a serious edge over 95% of retail forex traders.

What you’ll learn inside will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in the markets.

The best part is, it’s condensed into short, easy to watch 2-5 minute videos so you save time & money… (most people pay thousands of dollars for access to this exact same content!)

Each video is accompanied with a quiz to help gauge your understanding…

so you not only learn the information but MASTER IT!

Inside here’s just a few of the many things that you’ll learn:

You’ll learn The single biggest “truth” about trading that, once you understand it, will open your eyes to a whole new way of trading (WARNING: once you discover this your bank account will never be the same again… there’s no turning back)
The single greatest, most profitable, skill anyone can develop (if you want to actually master trading and make your dreams come true without having to rely on ANYONE).
Instantly “hack” the world’s best traders ​and get so good at trading consistently that it feels like CHEATING! (But it’s not cheating! It’s just being a LOT smarter than other retail traders!)


Titan G27 – A.I. Powered Trading Software

The world’s most advanced A.I. powered trading software

(that actually uses artificial intelligence)!


Artificial intelligence is making the world a better place in ways we never thought possible.


From building, to communication, to transportation, to sports, to robotics and even health.


For years, banks, governments and hedge funds, have been using artificial intelligence to successfully trade in the largest financial market in the world… The Foreign Exchange Market!


Now, this exact same technology is finally available to the general public..


Titan G27 the most advanced forex trading software in history powered by artificial intelligence.


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Bank’s Secret Indicator

The Bank’s Secret Indicator shows you exactly when & where the banks are buying and selling currencies, so you can simply mimic them!


If you didn’t know, trading can be extremely competitive.


Especially when your trading against some of the world’s biggest money…



Once you start using the Bank’s Secret Indicator, you’ll have a leading edge


in the markets like the rich guys on Wall Street, trading with the smart money..

(and not against the smart money, like so many people do without

even realizing it) will make all the difference in your manual trading success!


Tax Secrets For Traders

Little known tax strategies to keep your trading profits by reducing your

tax bill.


It’s a short 1 hour training designed to teach you everything you need to know about paying taxes on your trading profits.


This training could easily save you a fortune over the next few years.


Plus if you’re anything like me, and you want nothing to do with taxes…


We’ve also partnered with america’s #1 tax company for traders that will

just do everything for you that you learn in the training!


Millionaire Trader Series

Instantly hack the strategies of 3 different trading geniuses that have

devoted their entire lives to trading.


You’re going to get access to summaries of the three most valuable trading books ever written!


After interviewing several self-made millionaire traders there’s 3 books that

almost every successful trader on the planet has made their bible..


We then filmed 3 short videos to summarize only the most important

elements of each book in under 45 minutes you’ll be able to watch all 3 of

these book summaries and get the knowledge of 3 different trading

geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You risk nothing by signing up as a member of Edge Trading Academy today.

And if you’re really unsure about whether this system works or not…

You don’t even have to try it out with your own money.

Our team will set you up on a demo account (virtual money).

Plus, if you’re not completely stoked….

If you don’t see how this software can completely change your life…

If you don’t see how you can completely revolutionize your financial future …

Then just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll give you a 100% refund. (no questions asked)

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  • I’ve always wanted to know how to trade but never had the time… This technology has helped me create another 6 figure income source my first month… I’m AMAZED!

    Jared Goetz

  • The thing I love most about trading is the unlimited earning potential, and I don’t have to deal with all the stress of owning a business. I love it!

    Jason Oneil

  • We’ve been saving for retirement for many years, but have been disappointed with the slow growth of our investments in stocks and bonds. Using this software, we now make in less than a month the type of returns that would normally take an entire year to earn. We have been both surprised and pleased!

    Shaun & Susan Hicken

  • This has made a WORLD of difference for me, and I can see my life improving each day. You guys have created something very special. Thank you so much

    Craig Dowling

  • I’m an artsy person by nature, so the idea of trading was scary… this technology makes it easy to win. I’ve just recently quit my job and have plans to travel the world!

    Tara Heidari

  • I seriously can’t believe that this kind of technology exists! Our account has out performed any traditional investment we’ve ever made. And we’re trading newbies. We’re super excited!

    Azy & Alex Dee

You May Be Wondering…

Does This actually work? And if so, why?

Yes! Join our results groups on facebook or just try it out for yourself on a demo account. We have combined the power of some of the most effective trading strategies in history and artificial intelligence to bring you a trading software to greatly increase your odds of winning in the forex market.

Do people lose money with this system?
Even with such an amazing system, it is possible to lose money. Trading is inherently risky. For that reason we encourage our users to only trade with “risk capital” which means money you can afford to lose. Our software is not a magic bullet. However, you have the ability to customize the settings of your software. You can make it conservative or more aggressive/risky depending upon your risk appetite.
If it’s so great, why aren’t you just using it yoursel finstead of selling it?

We are using it! However, we see the opportunity to serve thousands of people around the world with this technology and are doing whatever it takes to help our community. The whole reason Blue Edge Financial even exists.

Can I cancel at any time?

YES! If you’re unhappy at any time for any reason just let us know and we’ll gladly cancel the service.

After I purchase, what do I do?

Simply login to your “client area” and there will be videos instructing you on how to set up your software. Also, we have 24/7 chat support to assist you if you get stuck.

Can I withdraw my profits whenever I want?

YES! We are strictly a software company. We never control your money. Almost all brokers allow you to withdraw at anytime.

This sounds too good to be true…

We totally get that, but listen. Is it true that people make money consistently trading in the markets? YES, of course. Is it also true that they follow a set of rules or have a strategy to produce these results? YES, obviously. So all we’ve done is programmed some of the most successful trading strategies to make trading easier for anyone that uses our software.

Do I have to know a lot about trading?

Thankfully no! The truth is we have clients with zero trading experience that are winning with our software. However, we do recommend learning the Forex market basics that are taught in the Edge Trading Academy.

Will this work long term?

YES! Ultimately anything can happen at anytime in the markets. This is the markets nature. However if you back test our software you’ll be able to see how it performs over time. Also our developers are constantly improving the technology as the market changes.

Is it hard to setup?

Nope! As soon as you sign up, we have simple step by step video tutorials to walk you through getting everything set up. And if you get stuck at anytime, we have 24/7 live chat support to assist you!

How much money do I need to trade with?

This is ultimately up to you. Most Blue Edge Financial clients start with about $1,000.

Do I have to manually place trades?

Nope! Our software will automatically enter and exit trades based on the way you configure the settings.

What kind of returns should I get each month?

Ultimately, noone can predict what’s going to happen in the market. Some months the markets may be flat. Others there may be a lot of volatility. You can join our results Groups online and always backtest our software to see how it’s performed over time.

Other any additional cost?

Ans you have to purchase your own vps virtual private server which allows you to run the trading softwares 24/7! This can be purchased for under $10/month and allow you to trade 24/7 at extremely fast execution times.

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