Trade Manager

The Trade Manager is an automated trade management tool. It is an absolute GAME CHANGER for both beginner and experienced traders!

The key to trading isn’t just finding that one magical strategy that will make you rich. (If it was that easy, there would be a lot more rich traders!)

Rather, the BIGGEST difference between the consistently profitable traders and traders who struggle are two main things…

In fact if you don’t have these two things mastered, then you could have the best, most profitable strategy in the world and still struggle..

These two things are :

  1. Proper Risk Management
  2. Disciplined Psychology

The Trade Manager is specifically designed to help with BOTH of these critical aspects of trading! How?

Well most psychological problems in trading happen AFTER the trader clicks the “buy” or “sell” button. That’s when traders seem to lose their logical brain and emotions kick in.

The Trade Manager makes it easy so all you have to do is place your trade and the Trade Manager will handle the rest.

This way you can truly SET your trade and FORGET it so your emotions won’t get in your way and sabotage your longterm success.

Also, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your trade will be managed PERFECTLY according to the risk management strategy you decide to use.

See, most traders use a traditional “static” risk management strategy (set a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 etc. risk to reward ratio and hope it hits their TP before it hits their SL).

The problem with this is that it can be very psychologically difficult to trade. But the reality is traders don’t have a choice because they don’t have the time to manage their trades “dynamically”.

The Trade Manager automates “dynamic” risk management strategies.

Dynamic risk management includes setting multiple TP or SL targets, moving SL to BE and trailing price based on previous market structure, taking partial profits (or partial losses) at key price levels, adding to winning trades or even dollar cost averaging with losing trades.

The whole goal of dynamic risk management is to cut losers short and let winners ride. You can probably begin to imagine how much more effective this style of risk management can be!

The reality is traders might realize this but they just don’t have the TIME to manage their trades “dynamically” which again, usually forces them to trade a static risk management system which can be difficult on their psychology which leads to the cycle of doom where traders either give up on a profitable system too soon (caused be a losing streak which any good longterm will inevitably have) or else they start tweaking their system based on short term results, which is never a good idea.

This is why we encourage our traders to use dynamic risk management which we believe is the most profitable way to manage trades with any strategy or indicator.

In fact, dynamic risk management is so powerful, it can turn an otherwise losing strategy into a profitable one! And a profitable strategy into an even more profitable one. (And more psychologically sustainable which is just as important, if not even MORE important)!

The best part of the Trade Manager is that it is an AUTOMATED system. So you don’t have to lose any more sleep trying to manage your trades effectively! (Or waste time and money “system hopping” switching from system to system trying to find a strategy that you can stick with).

The bottom line is if you’re already a profitable trader, the Trade Manager can save you TIME, stress and possibly help you make even MORE PROFIT. 

If you’re a new trader, the Trade Manager can save you TIME, stress and can probably DRAMATICALLY improve your results.

Those two pieces, risk management and psychology are often the two CRUCIAL missing pieces between successful traders and unsuccessful traders. This is EXACTLY what the Trade Manager is designed to help with.

To see exactly how the Trade Manager works and how to use it please see the Trade Manager Basic Tutorial video below.