Trade Ideas & Live Coaching

When you sign up for your membership to Blue Edge Financial, you’re also going to get access to premium trade ideas & weekly live coaching. 

Yuuya James Kato is a 6 time funded professional prop trader that has mastered the art & science of “edge trading”.

You’ll be joining him on discord (a free app downloaded to your computer or phone) where he’ll be sharing his best trade ideas.

Each trade idea is also accompanied by a brief description of why he’s taking the trade, so you not only have the opportunity to profit from potential trade ideas, but you’ll also quickly learn how to generate your own high probability trade setups. 

Every week Yuuya will go live inside the group & answer any & all questions you have. This is an opportunity to learn from a master that’s spent over 10,000 hours trading forex.

Yuuya will teach you his strategy, review your trades, and help shortcut your learning curve!

Aviso sobre el riesgo: Antes de operar en el mercado forex, debes considerar cuidadosamente tu situación financiera, tus objetivos de inversión, tu nivel de experiencia y tu tolerancia al riesgo. No inviertas dinero que no puedas permitirte perder. Existe un riesgo considerable en cualquier operación en el mercado forex, y la naturaleza apalancada del mercado forex significa que cualquier movimiento del mercado tendrá un efecto igualmente proporcional en los fondos depositados. Este apalancamiento puede actuar tanto en tu contra como a tu favor. Podrías sufrir una pérdida total de los fondos del margen inicial y tener que depositar fondos adicionales para mantener tu posición. Si no cumples un requisito de margen, tu posición puede ser liquidada y serás responsable de las pérdidas resultantes. Los resultados hipotéticos de rendimiento tienen muchas limitaciones inherentes. Consulta el descargo de responsabilidad por riesgos financieros de Blue Edge aquí:  

Risk Warning: Before trading forex, you should carefully consider your financial situation, your investment objectives, your level of experience, and your tolerance for risk. Don't invest money that you can't afford to lose. There is considerable risk in any trade in the forex market, and the leveraged nature of the forex market means that any movement in the market will have an equally proportional effect on the funds deposited. This leverage can work both against you and for you. You could suffer a total loss of your initial margin funds and have to deposit additional funds to maintain your position. If you do not meet a margin requirement, your position may be liquidated and you will be liable for the resulting losses. Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. See Blue Edge's Financial Risk Disclaimer here: https://blueedgefinancial.com/risk-disclaimer/