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The world’s most advanced A.I. powered trading software!

Artificial intelligence is making the world a better place in ways we never thought possible.

From building, to communication, to transportation, to sports, to robotics and even health.

For years, banks, governments and hedge funds, have been using artificial intelligence to successfully trade in the largest financial market in the world… The Foreign Exchange Market!

Now, this exact same technology is finally available to the general public..

Introducing… Titan G27 the most advanced forex trading software in history powered by artificial intelligence.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or even if you’ve never even heard of forex, this software can help you dominate the markets just like the pros without any previous trading experience!

But what makes this different than other trading software on the market??

The secret lies in the advanced SMART MONEY MOVEMENT technology.

This technology was developed by a seasoned Forex Bank Trader who was responsible for managing millions of dollars at a real Forex Bank trading desk.

Simply put, there’s a reason why the “SMART MONEY” or the banks almost always make money in the markets, & the “herd” (retail traders) almost always lose money.

Titan G27’s SMART MONEY MOVEMENT technology, detects what the “herd” is trading and basically trades the exact opposite (just like how the brokers & banks trade).

G27 was originally developed for a private hedge fund client who asked an intelligent question…

“How can we hedge our risk even more to be profitable even in market crashes?”

That’s why Titan G27 trades all the 27 different currencies including XAUUSD (gold)!

The system was designed to trade the world’s largest economies in such a way that they naturally “hedge” each other. (hedge risk = diversify risk)

When 1 or 2 currencies are “down” there can be several other currencies that are “up” to keep the portfolio moving in the right direction.

As a matter of fact, in our backtesting dating as far back as 2007 Titan G27 has been profitable every single year

Normally this type of trading system is reserved for ultra high net worth individuals who’d have access to sophisticated hedge fund money managers…

But you’ll get it for FREE for a limited time when you become a Blue Edge client!

Can you see how Titan G27 can give you the AMAZING RESULTS of day trading without having to stress & spend all day looking at charts?!

For most traders, Titan G27 is a dream come true!

It’s kinda like playing a video game with the cheat codes…

Here’s how simple it is to use…

  • Install Titan G27 on your broker account
  • ​Adjust the settings to be conservative or aggressive (depending on your risk appetite)
  • ​​​​​​Let G27 trade on your behalf (no need to enter & exit trades manually or constantly watch the charts!)

The best part is you can test drive Titan G27 for yourself for 30 days on a live account or demo account (using virtual money) to see if it’s the real deal 😉

Normally we’d charge $297 per month but you’ll get Titan G27 for FREE when you become a member of Edge Trading Academy..


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