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The Bank’s Secret Indicator shows you exactly when & where the banks are buying and selling currencies, so you can simply mimic them!

If you didn’t know, trading can be extremely competitive.

Especially when your trading against some of the world’s biggest money… THE BANKS!

What if instead of having the banks eat you alive… what if you could actually trade with the banks (the SMART money) instead?!

Do you see how that will give you a serious edge over the competition??

All you’ll do is

  • It’s kinda like having your own secret spy telling you what the SMART money is doing… install BSI onto your charts and it’ll automatically identify major zones with simple red and blue boxes.
  • ​When price is near a red zone it means the price is too high, so the banks are selling… So you should sell too!

Once you start using the Bank’s Secret Indicator, you’ll have a leading edge in the markets like the rich guys on Wall Street,

Trading with the smart money.. (and not against the smart money, like so many people do without even realizing it) will make all the difference in your manual trading success!

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  • Pg. 3 Why technical & fundamental analysis is designed to make retail traders lose & what to do about it
  • Pg. 8 How to immediately leave the herd & start trading with the Smart Money
  • Pg. 40 Why the Smart Money preys on traders who use indicators, & the one indicator guaranteed to improve your trading results
  • Pg. 54 Levy Flight Distribution – the secret to unlimited reward & limited risk trading
  • Pg. 67 The 10 components to “Holy Grail” trading systems used by banks
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