Blueedge Crypto Portfolio

by | May 26, 2021

Building a portfolio in the cryptocurrency world is essential for anyone interested in maximizing returns over the growth of digital assets. Luckily every investor has a chance to create one at the moment. It’s easy to do since the crypto market is already adhering to Metcalfe’s Law and closely following the Sigmoid Curve, a natural growth phenomenon that constantly happens in nature, business, and technology adoption. Market Potential Our studies show that there are enormous opportunities in the crypto market still to come. We estimate that cryptos will continue to eat more and more finance industry sectors, which we’re already starting to see. The derivatives market alone is said to be $640 trillion on average. Some estimate the derivatives market to be as big as $1 quadrillion. We see the crypto market eating the entire derivatives market over the next ten years. At the time of writing this, the crypto market cap is only $2 trillion. We still have a long way to go. We estimate a $600 trillion journey is still available for the crypto market to consume. Even if all the crypto market did was act as a store of value (which it’s proven far more helpful than just a store of value), we could expect at least a $10 trillion market cap. The gold market cap is roughly $10 trillion. Even though we are incredibly bullish on the entire market as a whole, traders/investors that build the right portfolio will outperform other traders in the next 3-5 years. Metcalfe’s Law One of the central thesis’s behind our portfolio is Metcalfe’s Law, aka The Network Effect. Already, the crypto market is obeying Metcalf’s law. The law states that any network or utility value will always be proportionate to the number of users squared. More users = more value.…

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