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✔ Edge Trading Academy
✔ Bank’s Secret Indicator
✔ Titan X Tool
✔ VRT Cheat Sheet
✔ BONUS : Millionaire Trade Series

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✔ Edge Trading Academy
✔ Bank’s Secret Indicator
✔ Titan X Tool
✔ VRT Cheat Sheet
✔ BONUS : Millionaire Trade Series


✔ Edge Trainer Simulator
✔ Trade Manager
✔ Smart Money Secrets
✔ FTMO Blueprint

Total Value : $5973

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Edge Trading Academy (Basic Training)

We’ve Made Trading So Simple A 3rd Grader Can Understand It!

Instead of wasting years of your life trying to learn all the free stuff on YouTube, these short, yet thorough trainings will teach you everything you need to know to start trading. After completing this course, you could have a serious edge over 95% of retail forex traders.

What you’ll learn inside could give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in the markets.

The best part is, it’s condensed into short, easy to watch 2-5 minute videos so you save time & money… (most people pay thousands of dollars for access to this exact same content!)

Each video is accompanied with a quiz to help gauge your understanding…

so you not only learn the information but MASTER IT!

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Software Suite (Titan X, BSI)

Try our software suite for FREE for an entire year!

2 pieces of software to help make your trading easy, lucrative, and fun.

Each software has a unique Edge & purpose. For a quick overview of the differences between each software please watch the videos below.

Titan X Tool – short term, advanced cost averaging robot, designed to help pass funding challenges.

>> Watch Titan X overview video here. <<

Bank’s Secret Indicator – align yourself with the smart money, easily see key zones, trends, & get alerted for your favorite price action candle patterns.

>> Watch the quick overview video here. <<


VRT aka “Volume Reaction Trading” is a specific trading style coined by our very own master trader Yuuya James Kato.

Yuuya is a professional prop trader who has passed more than 10 challenges in a row this year alone with 4 different prop firms totalling over $1M in funding!

Wouldn’t you like to know how he does it?! The VRT cheat sheet encompasses Yuuya’s complete strategy that he uses to pass prop firm challenges so consistently.

It’s kinda like Yuuya’s trading brain condensed into a cheat sheet to help you so that you can discover the exact methods behind Yuuya’s success as a professional trader.


Instantly hack the strategies of 3 different trading geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading.

You’re going to get access to summaries of the three most valuable trading books ever written!

After interviewing several self-made millionaire traders there’s 3 books that almost every successful trader on the planet has made their bible.

We then filmed 3 short videos to summarize only the most important elements of each book in under 45 minutes you’ll be able to watch all 3 of these book summaries and get the knowledge of 3 different trading geniuses that have devoted their entire lives to trading!

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FTMO Blueprint

Want to become a funded trader?

The FTMO funding blueprint is the ultimate step-by-step guide to getting forex funding. We’ve simplified this down to a precise science to give you the best odds at getting funded.

Discover exactly how you could get funded up to $100,000, keep 70% of the profits, and trade without risking your own capital!

This Blueprint walks you through a step-by-step process that’s helped countless clients get funded $100,000 worth of trading capital and beyond!

Plus you’ll be able to mastermind strategies & discover what’s working best to get funded from other funded traders!

>> Take a peak inside the Funding Blueprint here <<

Smart Money Secrets (Advanced Training)

This advanced trading course is EVERYTHING I learned from a real professional Forex bank trader who’s traded effectively at both the retail & institutional level.

Discover how the “Smart Money” trades & unpack the real data & science that’s the underlying strategy behind the worlds most profitable Forex traders.

This program is like sitting down with a 10 year bank trading veteran & learning all their dirty little secrets in one afternoon.

>> Take a peak inside the Smart Money Secrets Program <<

Trade Manager

The Trade Manager is an automated trade management tool. It is an absolute GAME CHANGER for both beginner and experienced traders!

The key to trading isn’t just finding that one magical strategy that will make you rich. (If it was that easy, there would be a lot more rich traders!)

Rather, the BIGGEST difference between the consistently profitable traders and traders who struggle are two main things…

In fact if you don’t have these two things mastered, then you could have the best, most profitable strategy in the world and still struggle..

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Edge Trainer Simulator

The Edge Trainer Simulator is our secret to creating winning Forex traders FAST!

The key to getting good at anything is repetition. Repetition is the mother of all skill.

The Edge Trainer Simulator allows you to condense YEARS worth of trading experience into just a few hours!

It’s kinda like a gym for Forex traders… Just like how professional athletes train daily, professional Forex traders should be training daily as well.

The Edge Trainer Simulator makes training your strategy, emotions, & psychology infinitely faster than trading for months in the live market.

Simply load the Edge Trainer Simulator onto your MT4 terminal, select which currency pair you’d like to trade, and begin advancing the bars and taking trades just as if  you were trading in the live market.

If you’re serious about taking your Forex trading to the next level, the Edge Trainer Simulator is your answer!

>> See the Edge Trainer Simulator overview here <<