Edge Trainer Simulator

(Available with Blue Edge Annual Membership Only)

The Edge Trainer Simulator is our secret to creating winning Forex traders FAST!

The key to getting good at anything is repetition. Repetition is the mother of all skill.

The Edge Trainer Simulator allows you to condense decades worth of trading experience into days.

Or even condense YEARS worth of trading experience into just a few hours!

It’s kinda like a gym for Forex traders… Just like how professional athletes train daily, professional Forex traders should be training daily as well.

The Edge Trainer Simulator makes training your strategy, emotions, & psychology infinitely faster than trading for months in the live market.

Simply load the Edge Trainer Simulator onto your MT4 terminal, select which currency pair you’d like to trade, and begin advancing the bars and taking trades just as if  you were trading in the live market.

You can choose the speed at which you’d like to advance the bars at too!

The Edge Trainer Simulator allows you to simply take trades, adjust stop-loss & take profit levels, use pending orders and trailing stops, include broker fees such as commission and spread, and watch your account floating equity and account balance fluctuate just as if you were trading in a real live market.

You can test your trading strategy as far back as your broker’s data allows, usually from 2005 or even further back!

We wanted to make this affordable for anyone because we know this one thing can make ALL the difference in your trading success or failure. At only $47/mo, just don’t go out to dinner one night this month & it’s paid for.

If you’re serious about taking your Forex trading to the next level, the Edge Trainer Simulator is your answer!