Jordan Belfort, a previous stockbroker whose deceptive behavior and extravagant lifestyle was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has come out a believer of XRP.

Belfort recently tweeted about the six-figure amount of XRP he owns. The US Securities and Exchange Commission argues this controversial cryptocurrency is an unregistered security.

The American entrepreneur forecasts XRPs price may reach $10. If that were to occur, its market cap must nearly reach the $500 billion mark.

XRP enthusiasts did not elude the questionable endorsement, welcoming Belfort to their community.

After knocking Bitcoin as a “scam” in 2018, the “Wolf of Wall Street” has become a crypto supporter. Recently, the guilty offender became intrigued with non-fungible tokens.

The XRP cryptocurrency is one of the only coins not to have reached an all-time high during this bullish cycle. Its price remains down 68% from $3.40 achieved on January 7th, 2018.

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