Recently, we published news regarding the announcement of the Mozilla foundation that it would be accepting donations in Dogecoin. It experienced a backlash, which includes a direct criticism from the founder of the organization, Jamie Zawinski.

Following the backlash, Mozilla has stopped accepting donations in crypto and cites an ‘important discussion about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency.

Not just Zawinksi voiced opposition. Some Firefox users voiced out during a protest, which caused Mozilla to backpedal on a policy it implemented in 2014.

In recent months, several organizations have had to retrace its steps on major crypto-related decisions. This includes Ubisoft, a game development company, and even Discord, which teased MetaMask wallet integration.

Cryptocurrencies are seen as the future. Therefore seeing some resistance to its acceptance and adoption is natural. In five years from now, these critics may not have the same idea.

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