MicroStrategy, an IT-services company, keeps adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet. With the year 2021 left with just a few hours, Michael Saylor (the company CEO) announced via Twitter that they had made another purchase of Bitcoin.

This time, the company bought 1,914 Bitcoin between Dec 9 – 29, which amounts to about $94.2 million, calculated at $49,229 per Bitcoin.

Given that Bitcoin’s current price stands at about $47,718 at the time of writing, this particular buying spree comes at a loss for the time being.


MicroStrategy Now Holds 124,392 Bitcoin

As of Dec. 29, MicroStrategy holds about 124,391 Bitcoins. These were bought at an aggregate price of $3.75 billion and an average price of about $30,159 per Bitcoin. MicroStrategy has earned about $2.16 billion off its Bitcoin holdings.

Given that Bitcoin’s maximum supply is 21 million, MicroStrategy now owns about 0.6 percent of all theoretical Bitcoin. Counting on a three million Bitcoin loss due to lost wallets, currently, MicroStrategy holds about 0.7 of all Bitcoin that will ever be available.


The Third Purchase in One Month

MicroStrategy continues to buy Bitcoin steadily. Just three weeks back, the company purchased 1,434 Bitcoin at $57,477 per coin. Before this purchase, on Nov. 29, MicroStrategy bought 7,002 BTC more for about $414.4 million in cash at the rate of $59,187 per BTC.

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