Francis Suarez, the pro-crypto mayor of Miami, swore his following paycheck would come entirely in Bitcoin. This would make him the first American politician to be paid in BTC.

Confirming His Bitcoin Support

Beginning 2021, Francis Suarez has openly supported the crypto industry, specifically Bitcoin. Aside from owning Bitcoin himself, he often advocates for crypto and stands as one of its most enthusiastic supporters.

Miami’s mayor recently tweeted that he will be accepting his next paycheck in Bitcoin. His tweet came as a response to the crypto investor, Anthony Pompliano, who asked previously: “Who will be the first American politician to accept their salary in bitcoin?”

It looks as though the 44-year-old Suarez will be that person. Suarez tagged Mike Sarasti, the city’s Director of Innovation and Tech, who is to help with the initiative.

According to the Miami Herald, the mayor’s annual salary is $187,500. Currently, this equates to almost 3 BTC.

The city of Miami held a general mayoral election on Nov 2, with a runoff election set for Nov 16. Francis Suarez won 78.7% of the ballots, while the runner-up candidate won only 11.5% of the votes.

Seeing as Suarez is the favorite to win, it seems as though the bitcoin revolution in Miami will continue.

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