Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has finally put an end to the ban it placed on Crypto Ads. According to Meta, this change is happening due to regulatory measures and market maturity.

The social media platform now accepts 27 licenses instead of the usual three. The prohibition on Crypto ads was put in place when Meta was still known as Facebook.

In a post, the social media company mentioned how regulatory measures and market maturity influenced its decision. Before this ban was lifted, companies had to submit an application with details like licenses obtained and public information about the business.

Certainly, the crypto community has its grudge with Meta for its crypto-related forays and its action as a social media platform. Lifting the Crypto ads ban is great news for some as it would enhance public exposure to the crypto market.

This exposure appears to be a double-edged sword. Marketing campaigns can now use the large user base of the platform. However, the question is if disingenuous entities will tap into the public’s ignorance as regards the crypto space. Many scams have used the platform to entice these ignorant people.

The crypto market has come a long way. However, the scrutiny of regulators and tech giants should minimize this risk.

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