Billy Markus, Dogecoin cofounder, tweeted announcing a roadmap published by the Dogecoin Foundation. This is the first time this is happening. Dogecoin coin was launched in 2013, and it never had a roadmap because, not until recently, no one took DOGE seriously.

Dogecoin devs plan to keep it decentralized and transform it into a currency, which can be useful in the future anywhere in the world to pay for even basic things, such as coffee. Furthermore, the roadmap recalls the Denarius currency, which circulated in the Roman Empire. This coin could be spent in any corner of the empire. According to devs, this is what DOGE hopes to achieve: Utility and high adoption.

To begin, the Dogecoin website will be redesigned from scratch. Also, this roadmap includes eight new Dogecoin-related projects, which will help it advance its adoption. According to the document, this will contribute to the success of Doge. Among these projects are GigaWallet and Libdogecoin.

The GigaWallet will make it possible for devs to add DOGE payments to their apps through an API solution. Libdogecoin will be a complete implementation of Dogecoin Protocols. Anyone can use it to construct their products compliant with Doge.

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