According to a researcher, if Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin, utility tokens will be at the forefront. Of course, utility tokens are now recording more use cases. Crypto consumers are now demanding different cryptocurrencies as the crypto market experiences growth and expansion.

The most dominant cryptocurrency in the industry is Bitcoin. Most people believe that Bitcoin’s dominance resulted from its role in the inception of digital currencies.

While others have stressed that Bitcoin is highly valued due to its qualities. However, some utility coins such as Solana, Cardano, Ether, and more have gained mass adoption over time. This is why market players believe that utility tokens are set to overtake Bitcoin, which functions only as a currency.

Recently, a popular crypto pundit, “The Bearable Bull,” asserted that Ethereum will still overtake Bitcoin in a tweet. This opinion has been shared by many other crypto proponents who believe that Ethereum has a design, which can help it surpass Bitcoin. The Bearable Bull tweeted:

“Ethereum Will Pass Bitcoin. It’ll Be Great For All Of Crypto. The Flippening Will Bring More Eyes On Utility Coins. That’ll Be One Of My Favorite Days In Crypto History.”

The proponent’s assertions proved to be valid for the most part of 2021 as the above utility coins have been surpassing most crypto assets. Solana and Ethereum have gained ground amongst institutional investors. The year-to-date value of these coins has increased significantly.

On the other hand, it is crucial to know that other utility tokens can “kill” Ether. Therefore, market players brand these tokens as ‘Ethereum killers.’

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