Input Output, the blockchain company in charge of research and development of Cardano, has announced some upcoming adjustments to the network to support future growth.

In an article titled “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,” published on Nov. 22, Director of Cardano Architecture of IOHK, John Woods, revealed the plan of the company to evolve the network so as to scale for future growth. Woods revealed that from the onset, Cardano had been built to balance the trade-off of scalability, security, and decentralization. It is also flexible enough to aid in supporting its millions of users.

The new phase, also termed “Basho,” aims at scaling, optimization, and network growth. IOHK hopes to see high traffic growth coupled with the launch of new DApps and will be tweaking the network parameters accordingly. According to the post, Cardano is presently using just 25% of its total capacity.

Woods wrote,

“Ouroboros is designed to handle a large volume of data as well as transactions and scripts of different complexity and size. At present, and with current parameters, the Cardano network is utilizing on average only around 25% of its capacity. This is sub-optimal because in fact, the most efficient scenario is that Cardano runs at or close to 100% of its capacity (i.e., the network is ‘saturated’).”

Woods outlined some upcoming changes, which include an increase in block size to 72KB and increasing the Plutus script memory units for each transaction by 12.5%. With the latter, developers will be able to create highly sophisticated Plutus scripts that help in expanding their capability to process data.

According to reports, both changes should be applied to the mainnet on Dec. 1, 2021 at 21:45:00 UTC.

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