Regarding the total number of transactions, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market value, Cardano has just achieved a significant milestone.

Indeed, Cardano has officially surpassed 20 million transactions. This is remarkable, because this feat was achieved without a single day of outage on the Cardano network.

Jem_colley, a Reddit user, posted this latest development, and it’s currently trending on the Cardano community. This user indicated that the Cardano blockchain has remained stable without experiencing any downtime for 1,522 days. However, other rival blockchains have, at some point, experienced a downtime.

Cardano’s Market Performance

ADA has been criticized over the past few weeks due to its sluggish market performance. In particular, investors were worried about the price stability of the digital currency as rival cryptocurrencies experienced increases in value.

Cardano founder and IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, thinks that ADA will experience greatness in 2022 despite the recent underperformance of the cryptocurrency. Hoskinson revealed that 2022 would be a year about improving throughput and linking sidechains to the blockchain.

He also pointed out that detractors fail to see that Cardano’s Ouroboros is a protocol family, which answers complex problems.

Hoskinson stated:

“What people don’t get about Ouroboros is that it’s a protocol family that already has the hard stuff figured out. 2022 is about optimizing throughput and connecting sidechains. It’s not theory. It’s just code from pipelining to input endorsers. It’s going to be a fun year.”

Cardano’s Active addresses

On-chain data revealed that lately, there has been a considerable increase in the number of active addresses on the Cardano network. This rose from about 150,000 daily to over 485,000 daily.

In line with the information from Messari, while the price of ADA dropped, the number of active addresses increased at the same time. This means that despite the sluggish increase in price that Cardano has had, the cryptocurrency keeps gaining interest.

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