The Cardano Foundation is making huge progress into halting climate change through its efforts to restore land with the use of Cardano. According to recent developments from the Foundation on Sunday this new initiative has successfully attained the one million trees milestone.

It seems like Cardano is prepared to advocate more tree-planting ambitions and dominate as the major viable green blockchain project out there.


One Million Trees Milestone Achieved

Cardano entered into a partnership with Veritree for its efforts on reforestation. Veritree is a platform for climate restoration, which utilizes blockchain technology to document and track tree plantations for users.

This platform operates a “Cardano Forest” where customers can give Cardano (ADA) token donations in exchange for TREE tokens. Furthermore, for every ADA exchanged, Veritree plants a tree. You can redeem these TREE tokens for NFT digital trees and digital art.

Frederik Gregaard, Cardano Foundation Executive, on January 9 revealed that the Cardano Forest is 100% financed. He said further that the foundation has achieved the one million trees milestone. There will be documentation of all the reforestation verification data on the Cardano blockchain; this is to ensure credibility and transparency.

However, Gregaard also announced that the Cardano Foundation is anticipating to back land restoration projects and activities in the Mombasa area of Kenya.


Cardano is a Socially Accountable Blockchain

Charles Hoskinson has reiterated that social accountability is one of the major objectives of the project. Cardano is presently being utilized in revamping the education system of Ethiopia.

Furthermore, Cardano is widely known as a green blockchain due to its low energy utilization. Contrary to Bitcoin that leverages the proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism, which has incurred the wrath of some skeptics, Cardano functions on a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, which is asserted to be more environmentally friendly.

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