Many crypto firms are creating a shop in Portals. With recent innovations, Binance cryptocurrency exchange is creating a space in Portals. Portals is known as a multiverse platform, which was built on the blockchain.

Portals recreates urban environments that are concentrated where shoppers can explore interactive rooms and buildings.

Through twitter, Chris Lund, Portals lead of association and affiliations stated that:

“Binance.US is getting a space in Portals Downtown with a focus on delivering the latest news, charts, and events virtually.”

Furthermore, Lund revealed that the United States branch of the crypto exchange FTX (FTX.US) also has plans to have a space in Portals.

Several companies have been rushing to get into open metaverses like Ethereum-based Decentraland and the Sandbox.

 According to Zachary Tindall, a Binance.US representative, the virtual buildout should be gathering a place for the exchange users. Through main, Tindall said to CoinDesk that:

“We are creating a space in the metaverse for the Binance.US community to come together. It’s the first of many steps we’re taking to be forward-looking as we build and reach our community in new environments.”

Lund also revealed that Solana projects like Magic Eden, Bonfida, Audius, and Raydium and others will also be seen in the Portals multiverse.

Metaverses gives description of a virtual world where people discuss just the way they do in the real world, however in a digital way.

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