Unarguably, Bitcoin has rapidly become the choice of investment even for people who seem not to be too technologically inclined. This is as a result of the advancement of the digital asset. Also, it has to do with the statistics of users that have started endorsing Bitcoin recently. As Bitcoin gains more prominence, it is no doubt that some investors are hurrying to be amongst the earliest to use this digital asset.

Among these investors is Bill Miller, a renowned investor. Recently, this billionaire investor disclosed that he put 50% of his total assets in Bitcoin as well as other crypto. Miller had been buying Bitcoin for so long. Interestingly, he has now put 50% of his wealth in crypto.

The billionaire’s disclosure surprised many. This is because Miller had advised other investors previously to put just around 1% to 2% of their portfolios in digital assets. Miller revealed to WealthTrack concerning his investing strategies. Also, the billionaire disclosed how much he had personally placed on BTC and other crypto.

Miller disclosed during the interview that he first invested in Bitcoin in year 2014, and this was about $200. BTC was just half a decade years old during this period. Thus, the billionaire became one of the earliest billionaire investors to get involved with digital assets.

Furthermore, Miller continued adding to his stash over time. According to Miller, he only quit purchasing more Bitcoin when the price increased to about $500. The billionaire’s motivation for betting his personal wealth on BTC is related to other investors who invest in BTC. The growing demand and limited supply was a huge motivator for Miller.

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