According to reports from Business Insider, the CIO of an Australian pension fund, Rest Super revealed to members during its general meeting that the fund hopes to redistribute some funds to the crypto market and get exposed to the fast-developing industry.

If Rest Super achieves its desire to gain public exposure to the crypto market, the fund will become Australia’s first pension fund to invest in cryptocurrencies. During the meeting, the company’s CIO said that though the crypto industry is volatile, the fund will invest a small fraction of its funds in it.

Managers of Rest Super revealed to Business Insider that they don’t seek long-term exposure to the digital assets market, and their decision to invest is only for the medium term.

Fund manager Andrew Lill stated that the fund is presently exploring the crypto industry by researching different assets classes and will make a final decision later. Asides from this, Lill also said that Rest Super still has work to do in dealing with regulatory and security aspects.

Major funds in Australia, as well as other countries, have started making plans to invest in the industry. This is happening because of the crypto market’s performance. The decision of this fund is just a step compared to the more massive adoption expected to come from the market.

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