Because Everyone Deserves to Prosper…

In September 2019, Adam and Joe and Tyler came together with a common vision to help people prosper financially. They each were involved in many different business ventures previously, but were frustrated over and over again by the greed and “broken” systems people were selling on the internet. They wanted to find a duplicatable system that could truly help everyone prosper…and that’s when Blue Edge Financial was born!

We are everything you need to be successful in the Forex market.

We’ve made our system so easy to replicate, it’s hard to fail.

Blue Edge Financial has access to arguably THE most powerful technology ever made available to the public (at such an affordable price). Our products are designed to give people a chance to create financial success that is beyond what they may have ever thought possible. We are 100% dedicated to the success of our members and we strive to constantly overdeliver with a high standard of communication, customer support and education.

Ultimately, we believe that the old way to financial freedom is slow & complex.

We’re speeding up the process & making it simple through an art & a science called Edge Trading. We envision a world where people don’t have to work their entire lives for a paycheck and where instead, people can spend more time focusing on doing what they love with the people they cherish most.

Meet the team that’s helping make everything possible…

Adam Wenig

Co-Founder Blue Edge Financial

Joe Hicken

Co-Founder Blue Edge Financial

Tyler Turner

Co-Founder Blue Edge Financial

Davy Sorn

Client Service Specialist

Tara Heidari

Social Media MAnager & Videographer

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  • Pg. 3 Why technical & fundamental analysis is designed to make retail traders lose & what to do about it
  • Pg. 8 How to immediately leave the herd & start trading with the Smart Money
  • Pg. 40 Why the Smart Money preys on traders who use indicators, & the one indicator guaranteed to improve your trading results
  • Pg. 54 Levy Flight Distribution – the secret to unlimited reward & limited risk trading
  • Pg. 67 The 10 components to “Holy Grail” trading systems used by banks
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